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Custom Recycled Circuit Board Art for Your Own Project or Brand

3D Logo for Story Spark made with Recycled Circuit Boards

We love working with businesses and creatives who need a hand developing recycled circuit board art to suit their specific need. Whether you want a show piece that draws attention to your brand, or little bits and pieces of recycled circuit boards in a certain shape to use in your own work, we can help!

We build eye catching circuit board art to help your brand stand out!

Our friends over at Story Spark are truly kindred spirits. They make fun, thoughtful and stylish tech-centric designs and screen print great looking shirts with them. So when we had the chance to work with Story Spark on our logo redesign, AND create something they needed for their show displays, this was a great WIN-WIN!

When setting up at shows, Story Spark constructs "steel pipe people" that wear their snazzy shirts. They work really well for portability and merchandising.

But they wanted to add something that would draw people in to get a closer look at their shirt designs. After discussing options, it was clear that Story Spark needed heads for their "Steel Pipe People," so we got to work. 

We can cut precision shapes out of recycled circuit boards to your specification.
 Story Spark CNC Logo Progress Steps

We started by using the CNC machine to cut out the logo shape. This was our first time cutting wood with the CNC. It was very different than cutting circuit boards. After priming and painting, it was time to CNC the recycled circuit boards into the precise shape to fit inside of the pockets that we had carved in the wood. It worked! 

Story Spark Heads Finished!

Next, we used jeweler's resin like we normally do with our fine jewelry line.

Story Spark Merchanding with TechWears Display Pieces

Ta-da! Great looking Story Spark heads for their t-shirts displays!

Commission us to supply the little recycled circuit board shapes you need for your creative projects.

We didn't know the first thing about CNC when we started TechWears. Now 4 years in, we are getting more and more comfortable with techniques and tool paths to safely create unique art by cutting detailed shapes out of recycled circuit boards.

For example, long time Instagram friend, Lizetta (@relak_techjewelry) wanted some recycled circuit boards cut into the shape of a star she designed as well as some cute little Gs. No problem!

Custom Shapes Cut From Recycled Circuit Board

Another client needed some Orange Circuit Board Buttons for his tailor to add to a vest since his girlfriend would be wearing an orange belt buckle. Afterall, it is important to match when wearing such eye catching attire!

Buttons and Belt Buckle Made from Recycled Circuit Boards

What custom shapes, precision bits, or eye catching circuit board art can we make for you? Let us know in the box below: