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Custom Recycled Circuit Board Art

We build eye-catching circuit board art to help you stand out from the crowd!

TechWears Trophies

We love working with businesses and creatives who need a hand developing recycled circuit board art to suit their specific needs. Like these trophies, made for a companies internal developer competition. 

If you want a showpiece that draws attention to your brand, or custom cut little bits and pieces of recycled circuit boards for your own artwork, we can help!

Over the years, we have been making custom circuit board pieces for all types of creative projects.

TechWears Custom Keychains
Red Circuit Board Heart Key ChainsCustom laser engraved circuit board key chainCustom Key chains and magnetic name tags

Need key chains with your logo on them? We've got you covered! In fact, laser engraving is one of the best ways to customize any circuit board to your unique needs. 

Custom laser engraved circuit board plaque by TechwearsCustom Navy logo laser engraved from black circuit board

One of our most rewarding and creative flexes here at Techwears is costume work.

HighTech Highlander- TechWearsDrew on Stage- TechWears Hightech Highlander
Our High-tech Highlander costume has hit the stage a few times at the Glam Trash Fashion Show in Taos, New Mexico. When Techwears had their humble beginning, making ties back in 2014, we intended for our wearable art to be worn, but we never thought we would be making whole costumes that parade on runways across the country. 
TechWears Mermaid Triton TechWears Mermaid
In 2019 we added the above stunning mermaid costume constructed with recycled vinyl banners and circuit boards. Celebrating the World of WearableArt™ International Touring Exhibition, Techwears participated in Sashay at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. An evening of exceptional design, cocktails, appetizers, music, and entertainment with unique wearable art pieces from around the world. 

We don't stop at costumes for people.

TechWears Bra at Artocade 2019 TechWears Fordtropolis- Artocade 2019  2019 Art car parade Trinidad,CO TechWears TechWears Parking Garage
We had the honour of supplying motherboards to the Art Car Museum so that they could build Fordtropolis for the 2019 Artocade in Trinidad, CO. A statement to how technology is our world. We even got to drive it in the parade!


Working to give you a creative edge.

Story Spark Heads Finished!

Story Spark Merchanding with TechWears Display Pieces

Our friends over at Story Spark are truly kindred spirits. They make fun, thoughtful, and stylish tech-centric designs and then screen print them on great-looking shirts. So, when we had the chance to work with Story Spark on our logo redesign AND create something they needed for their show displays, it was a fantastic WIN-WIN!

Artist collaborations keep things fresh

New York Flowers TechWears Back of New York flower TechWearsGrowing TechWears NYC rebirth Techwears Colab
Collaborating with NYC artists to make this masterpiece come together was one of beauty. 

We are up for any challenge you throw at us. Giving circuit boards a fresh lease on life, as art, is what we do. 

TechWears Guitar TechWears Custom Pick Gaurd

Sometimes when a friend says: "Can you?" you jump at the opportunity and end up with something epic. Working on this guitar pickguard was so much fun. 

Keeping up with the times

TechWears Clock Custom laser engraved circuit board clock for Pikes Peak Makers Space
Clock Making... yup, we do that too! It all started when we found a round circuit board with a hole in the middle at the recycling centre. It seemed like a no-brainer to turn it into a clock.

Awards and Honours

Circuit board awardAward
Do you need to celebrate someone or something special? Custom award plaques with laser engraving are just the way to do it. The laser exposes a beautiful copper layer that really adds a unique contrast and prestige to these boards. 


Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

ATM wall hangATM wall signage
Techwears Signage
Custom laser engraved signs with your logo, maybe an added business card holder, like the one above, is a fun way to show off your geeky passion at the office. If you're not into laser engraving, we can always cut letters out of the circuit boards and mount them on whatever medium you might be after, like Robotic did below.

Giving everyone something to talk about. 

Cyber Security Fortress TechWears
Do you have an event coming up and need some centrepieces? These are not your typical floating candles. Stand out with a custom circuit board piece. 

We even have something for your dog!

Pet tags with their name on one side and your info on the flip side are a great way to express your geek and start up a conversation with all of the dog or cat lovers.

What custom shapes, precision bits, or eye-catching circuit board art can we make for you? Let us know by filling out the form below: