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Upcycled Circuit Board Gift Sets for Friends, Family, and Employees

We get pretty sentimental when beautiful memories are combined with beautiful recycled circuit boards. Whether you want a set of cufflinks for every Groomsman in your wedding party, unique client gifts that will always be remembered, or a keepsake for every member of your project team, we would love to help! Use the form at the bottom of the page to send us your idea!

For example, someone recently reached out about wedding gifts. She wanted to get everyone a unique gift that they would like, but desired that all the gifts would somehow be related to each other. After a few questions about what types of items her friends would be most likely to use, we had the perfect idea. 

We transformed a rare purple circuit board into this gift set

First of all, Purple and Silver Circuit Boards are extremely rare making this collection all the more special. Pretty much the whole board was used in making the 2 pairs of cufflinks, 2 tie clips, and the cat and heart magnets. Our client was very pleased with this outcome.

Project team and employee gifts

A few years ago we worked with someone employed at a large tech company. After working hard on a PCB design project for over a year, the project was suddenly scrapped leaving everyone on the team disappointed about all the hard work that had been poured into the project. Now they were being assigned to different projects around the globe and would no longer be working together.

Well, we used the prototype circuit boards they had created and made pencil cups, clocks, and business card holders so that they would always have a reminder of the team in their office no matter where they were working. Oddly enough, we were asked not to take any photos of the upcycled products we made because of intellectual property concerns lol.

Contact us today with your needs for custom upcycled circuit board gifts for friends, family, colleagues and clients.