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Collaborative Work with Kai Hill Metalsmithing

Sometimes you meet another artist and just know that you need to work together. Kai Hill Metalsmithing is one such creative force. Drew and Kai began working together in April 2017 and have created pieces unlike anything else seen on Earth. Stunning Cocktail Necklaces, Beautiful Rings and Pendants, and hopefully much more in the future! Please inquire at the bottom of the page if you have a project for Kai and Drew to team up on!

Purple and Gold Circuit Board Cocktail Necklace

Our most recent piece created in June of 2018, is a versatile cocktail necklace that can be worn with a button up shirt, shoulderless dress, or any number of gowns and cocktail dresses. Three long and slender bezel cups are framed by sheet brass that has been rolled with real circuit board to imprint the pattern appearing on either side. This piece is currently available for sale on Etsy. $425.00 plus $10.00 shipping.

Black and Gold Circuit Board Cocktail Necklace

Kai had a vision in her head for something original and elegant. The type of piece that celebrities walking the red carpet at the MET Gala would drool over, and something that understates the upcycled nature of the piece. Well, she nailed it! 19 Bezel Cups are linked together to create a striking costume piece that gets a lot of attention. This piece sold before we ever even got a picture of it! Luckily, the buyer let us keep it a couple of days so we could get some photos. PS- That's Kai in the bottom right photo above. ;-)

Circuit Board Leaf Pendants made with Sterling Silver and Resin

Fall of 2017 was beautiful in Colorado and we were inspired by the changing leaves to do a series of leaf shaped pendants in red, orange, yellow and of course, green. Sterling silver, jeweler's resin, and the most beautiful recycled circuit boards available combine to create a truly unique pendant. These pendants found new homes at the first show they were brought to and Drew is eager to do another collection.

Sterling Silver and Resin Circuit Board Ring Collection

Circuit Board Rings were always popular but Kai's designs took it to a new level! Drew commissioned them when he was going to his first wholesale show in Last Vegas in June of 2017. The show turned out to be somewhat quiet, but thank goodness he had the rings on display because everyone stopped to try them on. Please inquire if you would like a price for a custom circuit board ring.