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July 31, 2018 3 min read

A Story of Pioneering a New Circuit Board Clock

3 Different Designs of Colorado Flag Clocks Laser Engraved on Recycled Circuit Board

Happy Birthday Colorado (August 1, 1876)!! We love this beautiful State and the people that live here. It’s been said that “you must have been really high to come up with a circuit board tie.” It’s true, our hometown of Colorado Springs is 6,035 feet above sea level!

We’ve long wanted to capture the majesty of our iconic Colorado flag in a #UpcycleAlltheTech TechWears kind of way. The obvious design would be to make a flag using circuit boards in the appropriate flag colors, carefully cut into shape and arranged. Finding recycled circuit boards in red and blue is doable, but when it comes to finding recycled white circuit boards, those things are so rare that we would only be able to make 1 or 2 of them and they would be priced very high!  Maybe someday we’ll get lucky and find a big bunch of white circuit boards, but for now playing with lasers seems to be the best path forward. Or at least it did in 2016 when we first had the idea.

Trial and Error in 2016

Will the 6th time be a charm? We tried a lot of ways to laser engrave Colorado onto a circuit board.

Well if a picture is worth a thousand curse words, the above should make it clear how well those efforts went. Towards the end of 2016, we were just learning to use the CO2 laser at the Pikes Peak Makerspace. We wanted to make a Laser Engraved Colorado Flag Circuit Board Tie. But after trying 6 different ways of transposing the Colorado Flag image with mediocre results, and with the considerable amount of effort still required to convert this odd shaped circuit board into a tie, our Laser Engraved Colorado Flag Tie project was shelved.

A New Direction

Then Jerimie came along. Not only is he ridiculously good looking in his Green Circuit Board Tie, but he is as very talented designer. We knew that Jerimie loved Colorado as much as we do, and we knew he could help us pay homage to our beautiful state with the use of lasers.

He made a beautiful graphic that when laser engraved on the recycled black circuit boards would create a 3 fold effect. It would be recognizable as the Colorado Flag, it would be special to Colorado Springs locals because of the Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Silhouettes, and it would make a nice clock (See bottom right photo)!

Jerimie is rediculously good looking in his Circuit Board Tie and he designed a Colorado Flag Clock

However, there was still just that one pesky problem. The same problem Drew had run into before when we was trying to create a Colorado Flag Circuit Board Tie on a black and copper recycled circuit board. The C just doesn't stand out enough to be a proper tribute to Colorado. But we're too far along to give this up! So Drew got to experimenting again. This time with Vintaj Patina paint, and pattern fills for the C.

 Which Colorado Flag Circuit Board Clock is your favorite?

Option A - Colorado Flag Circuit Board Clock Option A

Option B -  Colorado Flag Circuit Board Clock Option BStill requires some development. The paint bleeds under the tape and runs up the circuit traces.

Option C - Colorado Flag Circuit Board Clock Option C

Leave a comment with your favorite design, other ideas, or just say Hi!

Or vote with your dollars and BUY NOW! (Painted design not for sale. Yet...)


Thanks for reading and Happy Colorado Day!

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