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Wear a Statement.

Recycled Circuit Board Apparel Accessories.


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The World's First Circuit Board Necktie

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What clients say about our ties

Your ties are infinitely cooler than the ties found on countless other websites that merely have circuit board patterns printed on them.


It isn’t often that an item more than meets my expectations!  The tie is a work of art right down to the packaging.  I’m sure that my grandson will love it.  Thank you so much!!


Love my circuit board tie. Literally cannot wear it enough. Every time I wear it it is a conversation starter. It really makes me stand out at networking events and even big time speakers at conferences are impressed by it!


Embracing a new twist on STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math)

STEAM Powered Eco Fashion

Science - Mapping the future.
Technology - Achieving the improbable.
Ecology - Bio diversity, clean air, and clean water must be protected and restored.
Art - Creative work inspires innovation and ignites the imagination.Β 
Make it! - Creating solutions to problems we did not cause. We are the ones we have been waiting for and we are making the future!

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