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Giving Recycled Electronics One Final Upgrade

Innovative products that are stylish, unique, and upcycled. True beauty lies beneath the buttons.

The World's First* Circuit Board Necktie

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Your ties are infinitely cooler than the ties found on countless other websites that merely have circuit board patterns printed on them.


Constantly refining his craft, Drew with TechWears strives for sustainable eco-fashion accessories that enable sustainable professionals like me to “practice what we preach!”


If you want to stand out in the crowd and have a conversation starter the circuit board tie is for you!


A new twist on STEM for a more inclusive approach

STEAM Powered Eco Fashion

Science - Maps the Future.
Technology - Brings us there.
Ecology - We want clean air and clean oceans. We know that we've allowed too much damage to be done across vital ecosystems. We are transforming into a culture that values ecological stewardship for the benefit of future generations. We do what we can to restore ecological vitality and prevent further damage.
Art - Creative work ignites the imagination and fuels innovation. When we see the world through the perspectives of others, we discover new ways to use our unique talents, knowledge, and passion to add value and participate in community. 
Manufacturing - From farming to fabric, we've become culturally unaware of how things are made and brought to market. We want products that are made with integrity and clean industries that don't rely on the exploitation of a vulnerable population to be profitable. We support Small Business and Makers and we vote for them with our dollars!

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