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Product Safety

Recommended for Ages 14+

ALL recycled circuit boards used in our products are RoHS compliant, meaning that they contain absolutely no lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), or several other lesser-known hazardous substances. For more information on RoHS compliance, please see the RoHS Compliance FAQ.

That said, recycled circuit boards do tend to contain non-hazardous heavy metals like gold (Au), copper (Cu), and nickel (Ni).

Additionally, industrial resins used in the manufacturing process, which are similar to fiberglass resins, contain flame retardants just like those in your mattress or carpet. 

Therefore, we emphasize the following:

  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • Keep away from open flame and sources of intense heat
  • Avoid sanding or filing edges of circuit boards
    • If you must do alter a product; wear gloves, a breathing mask, and dispose of dust in the landfill. Never send it down the drain.
    • Keep product away from children and pets! If accidentally ingested, seek medial attention immediately.