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About TechWears


How TechWears began

TechWears was founded in 2014 by Zero Waste enthusiast and ecopreneur, Junkman Drew. Drew has long been fascinated by circuit boards and technology, while also feeling deeply concerned about the environmental impacts of the ever-growing electronic waste stream. While working as Director of Business Development for Blue Star Recyclers, a pioneering Social Enterprise electronics recycler in Colorado, Drew searched online for a circuit board tie to no avail. So, he did what any maker would do and constructed one himself!

Drew's tie quickly became a signature item, and at the encouragement of a friend, he submitted his tie to an art show. Despite the fact that it wasn't technically for sale, an admirer made a generous offer, so Drew decided to sell it. Thereafter, he began making circuit board earrings for friends, and again, people were soon requesting to buy them. Following such a favorable response from his community and friends, Drew decided to quit his job and go all in producing upcycled circuit board ties and jewelry.

Junkman Drew might live in a dumpster

TechWears Philosophy and Mission

Planned Obsolescence is a crime against the economy, the consumer, and the environment. We want things that are built to last. We want products that are repairable and upgradeable. We want goods that help the environment and don’t exploit vulnerable ecosystems and populations.

TechWears believes that businesses have a responsibility to deliver more than just profit to stakeholders and consumers. The emergence of the so-called “4th Sector of the Economy,” demonstrates that change is accelerating and collective efforts to protect the environment are catching on in the mainstream. The response to TechWears products is evidence of this fact. 

A few honors bestowed to Drew and TechWears:

  • Mayor’s Young Leader Award 2017 – Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers
  • Rising Star 2017 – Colorado Springs Business Journal
  • Best Sustainable Business 2016 – Colorado Springs Business Journal
  • Business Greenie Award 2016 - Veda Salon Greenie Awards and Fashion Show
  • Alumni Sustainability Award 2015 - University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Student Leader of the Year Award 2010 - Pikes Peak Community College
  • Distinguished Member Award 2009 - Phi Theta Kappa Colorado


 Junkman Drew - Founder of TechWears

Get Involved

You can join our efforts to fight planned obsolescence, protect the environment, and #UpcycleAlltheTech! Some actions you can take right now to support are: 

  • Raise your voice for net neutrality
  • Buy our products through our website and leave a review
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share your favorite posts with your friends
  • Join our email list and forward them to your friends and family when relevant
  • Send us your ideas for new products and collaborations!

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Junkman Drew can also dress nicely