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August 03, 2017 2 min read

“Leap Day” could not have been more literal this year.

Through a series of serendipitous events, an opportunity to “leap” TechWears into the future presented itself. #AmplifyNYC16, a branding summit created by Janine Just Inc and Sabina Knows, promised a curriculum that could change TechWears forever.

I knew I had to fly to NYC to get a bite of that Big Apple.

New York city scape with the TechWears logo standing in the sky line like a sky scraper or tornado

It was just the type of immersive learning experience I had been looking for.

After all, I was making circuit board ties and jewelry for over a year before I realized what industry I fit in.

Once I understood that TechWears is leading edge in eco fashion, I knew that reading blogs and studying industry publications wouldn’t be fast enough.

I needed a springboard!

Drew delivering a speach at AmplifyNYC

Never before have I attended a conference as impactful as #AmplifyNYC16.

Each day delivered tremendous value through an agenda packed with industry experts. The combined industry experience must have exceeded hundreds of years.

My brain was getting high-octane fuel and the possibilities for TechWears were unfolding in my mind.

The conference provided a type of experience and networking opportunity that just isn’t available in Colorado. After all, New York City is a global fashion hub! It would have taken me years to learn all of this on my own.

Not only were my educational expectations exceeded, but my product line was validated through an overwhelming interest from New Yorkers.

People would stop me in the streets to ask where I got the circuit board tie, take business cards, take pictures with me, and heck, I even sold a few TechWears out of my backpack!

I joked with a friend that I had promoted myself from selling out of the back of my car to selling TechWears on the streets of Brooklyn.

Drew sightseeing in NYC

Bringing TechWears to NYC turned out to be just the opportunity I’ve been looking for.

I made some great new friends and contacts, and my toolbox is stuffed with 2016 skills to get TechWears in front of people that are itching to find it.

This truly will be a “leap year” for TechWears!

Drew standing with the coordinators of the event

I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Janine and Sabina for their exceptional work putting on #AmplifyNYC16.

The content was incredible, and for a niche brand like TechWears, it provided the knowledge and inspiration we need to grow.

 TechWears is officially AMPLIFIED and this changes everything!

Exciting opportunities lie ahead.


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