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August 03, 2017 3 min read

The most upcycled e-commerce startup in Colorado is nominated for a Greenie Award!


It is a great honor to be included in the list of 2016 Greenie Award nominees.

These individuals and organizations are not only peers and collaborators, but mentors and role models to TechWears.

There is no way to lose in this pool of nominees.


Ok great. You’re excited but what the heck is the Greenie Awards?

Now in its 8th year, the Greenie awards and Fashion Show were started by ColoradoSprings Veda Salon and Spa.

What started as a humble effort to recognize local leaders in sustainability has evolved into a signature annual event for Colorado Springs.

I had the honor of attending my first Greenie Awards event in 2013 when the company I worked for, BlueStar Recyclers took home the Greenie Award in the Business category.

I knew that I would never miss the event, but I had no idea that just 3 years later my own business would be nominated!

Have you voted for TechWears yet?

Didn’t you say something about a Fashion Show?

Yes, and this is what makes the show a must attend.

Veda stylists go all out and bring their creativity to eco fashion design.

Using waste materials either collected from the salons, their homes, or wherever else they can find waste that wants to be made pretty.

Sound unreal?

Well, it is. Just check out the photos.

Using waste materials either collected from the salons, their homes, or wherever else they can find waste that wants to be made pretty

Photos courtesy of Veda Salon and Spa.

Yep, all of those amazing outfits are made with upcycled materials.

Whether made from shampoo bottles cut into little pieces or sewing together old vinyl banners, the outfits are undeniably out of this world.

From the pictures, you may not be able to tell what the different elements are made of, but when you get up close it’s a “WOW” moment when you recognize what the material is.

Sounds like a good time, but isn’t there more to sustainability than fashion and awards?


There is so much important work being done by sustainability professionals around the world trying to minimize the risk of climate change.

We still need to cut loose sometimes and throw a great party!

Thinking in terms of win/win, it’s a great fundraising opportunity for environmental non-profits.

In the last 7 years, the Veda Salon and Spa Greenie Awards and Fashion show have generated over $350,000 for local non-profits!

This year 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Rocky Mountain Field Institute who have done significant work helping our region recover from devastating wildfires. They also mobilize and lead volunteers in trail maintenance efforts which we depend on for our recreational opportunities.

You’ve made a compelling case. But how can I help?

Jump in and get involved. Here are some ideas.

  • Learn about the Greenie Award Nominees and VOTE.
  • Buy tickets to the 7th Annual Greenie Awards and Fashion Show on April 30th in Colorado Springs.
  • Visit Veda Salon and Spa in Colorado Springs and thank them for their service to the community during Earth Month while you are getting your hair styled. (You can also buy tickets, and vote while you’re there!)
  • Share and spread the word. This event is made possible by the support of the community!
  • Vote forTechWears in the Business category. You can vote every day! Thank you for your support!


  • Vote for the Greenie award poster

Hope to see you on April 30th!


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