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February 23, 2016 2 min read

Our customers have always been the best source of information and ideas. More than a few folks have told us that TechWears would do well at a Con.

For those that may not know, “con,” is short for “convention” and refers to a very specific sort of gathering. People come from far and wide to geek out on everything from Astronauts to Zymurgy. Cons may have different themes. Such as comic books, technology, or in the case of GalaxyFest, all things sci-fi.

In its fifth year, GalaxyFest is Southern Colorado’s largest gathering of geeks and freaks. The age range of attendees was truly remarkable, it wasn’t uncommon to see someone in their 90’s walking around the convention floor. Or maybe that was just really great makeup!? It was obvious that a lot of people had put many hours into their costumes.

This costumed dynamic also created a different type of interaction when sharing TechWears at the booth. More than meeting a new person, we were interacting with famous characters. It’s not every day you get a chance to sell a pair of circuit board earrings to Obi Wan Kenobi! Figuring out some of the tougher costumes and interacting with them turned out to be very enjoyable (most of the time).

GalaxyFest also provided the opportunity to practice our custom Circuit Board Tie design skills.

Laser engraved GalaxyFest Circuit Board Tie

We made this GalaxyFest Circuit Board Tie (plus a bunch of keychains) to showcase the possibilities of combining laser engraving technology with recycled electronics. We think it came out pretty neat and were pleased to give it away to a lucky winner at the end of the event!

One thing is for sure. At the next Con, we’re not going to be left out of the costuming fun. Don’t you think Drew would make a great Shaggy?

Drew and the Scooby-doo crew at Galaxy Fest 2016

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