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Desk Award

Not just another glass trophy... our innovative desk award combines four different recycled materials for a token gift unlike anything else on the internet! Give a achievement award that will be truly appreciated and displayed proudly!

We will design a unique award to suit your specific purpose. If you are looking for a batch of them, additional awards can be produced with different names and content. Normal lead time is 2-3 weeks however large batches should allow more time.

Approximately 6" wide x 1.75" deep x 6.5" tall, we will custom design the perfect award for your occasion with the following materials:

100% Recycled Circuit Board- It wouldn't be a TechWears if it wasn't made with the most beautiful recycled circuit boards available.

Salvaged Hardwood- Starting with the base, we use scraps of exotic woods we find laying around the local makerspace. Generally the scraps are left over from woodworkers creating cutting boards or furniture.

Upcycled Clear Plastic- We can engrave as much text as you need on the PET-G sheet material which is left over from COVID-19 face shield production. It is also handy for suspending a piece of circuit board behind the text.

Vinyl Billboard- We use the same repurposed vinyl material that we use on our circuit board coasters to make 4 little anti-slip feet. Just a nice touch to make sure the award doesn't slide away!

Please contact us if you want to discuss your project!