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TechWears Response to COVID 19

Biohazard Circuit Board

The World is changing fast. COVID 19 has caused massive disruption, anxiety, and hardships for billions of people around the world.

Like you, we're adapting and finding our way through the pandemic. We've implemented distancing practices and sanitation procedures, and we're closely tracking the spread and following CDC guidelines.

In response to a request for ramping up production of PPE, we adapted our innovative techniques into a high volume manufacturing process for face shields to be distributed to health care service providers. After about 60 exciting hours of planning and preparation, we were pretty eager to try out! We remain prepared to make this pivot if the material becomes available and there is a need. For now, the only PPE we have made are reusable masks for nerds.

We've also released a couple of products especially for creating memories at home, including our design your own earrings kits, and circuit board coasters.

We are happy to report that most orders are still shipping same day! However, we have noticed some packages taking longer in transit.

We are grateful that our business model allows us to to be agile and adaptable, and we are so very thankful for the steady trickle of orders coming in. Thank you for supporting our ecofirst manufacturing startup!

What have you been doing to stay safe, sane, and occupied? We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting!