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If you are looking for a Circuit Board Trophy, you've come to the right place!

We will build a Recycled Circuit Board Trophy to suit your occasion!

3 Options to choose from:

  • Standard Green - Your basic Circuit Board Trophy made with recycled green circuit boards.
  • Layer with Color Pop - Add a second level and pop of color to the trophy. Select from multiple colors of circuit boards
  • Deluxe - Select from the rarest and most beautiful circuit boards available. For example, if you wanted a purple trophy, that would be deluxe. Additionally, this deluxe design includes laser engraving of names, logos, anything you desire.

Please reach out so we can discuss your project! If you are looking to buy multiple trophies, even better! These are much more efficient to make in batches, which translates to better pricing for you!

Allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication.

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