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TechWears is pleased to introduce our first upcycled NFT project to Web3. Yeah, it's a real f-ing thing so we'll have to ship it to you. It’s what we’re famous for- we’ve been making RFTs since 2014!

NFTs present a unique opportunity for us to create provocative art using the rarest recycled materials we've collected. In many cases, we've been hodling the material for over a decade just waiting for the right project to use them in.

​RFT 1 is designed around a highly unusual ellipse shaped antenna that is loaded with real gold. It will give you a great excuse to talk about NFTs non stop this holiday season, as it will be the "star" of the Christmas tree. It is wired with a LED strip that will plug right into your string of Christmas lights or any USB port. Use the remote control to change the color and set the mood.

Every material in this RFT except for the LED strip and the thin black acrylic is recycled or reclaimed material. Investing in this NFT is voting with your crypto for the type of projects that seek to solve real problems related to the climate crisis. It’s made with recycled materials, and we’re offsetting carbon emissions from shipping and gas by planting trees through onetreeplanted.org.

Shipping is included for every transaction on the blockchain. If you sell this RFT, we’ll email you a shipping label with tracking for you to send it to the next collector to enjoy. Thank you for looking and supporting our mission to advance conscious consumption through beautiful wearable tech!

This RFT must be purchased through opensea.io. Check out the listing here: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/42201051477142424605252645775686682022209849864714656040108529073643566661633